Meet our Team

When you encounter difficulties in a relationship, it’s not easy to know who to turn to. Meet the people behind the project.

Mrs Adesua Mary Ebosele‚Äč

Adesua is the founder of Sond in Grace – Sound Mind CIC and the founder / CEO of Sound Grace Charitable organisation Nigeria, which empowers the less-provileged, orphans and widows in Nigeria.

She is a wife and wonderful mother, a preacher of the gospel, very caring, kind, honest, peaceful and passionate about the wellbeing of others. She works in the healthcare sector due to her passion for helping those in need.

She holds a bachelor’s degree with honours in health and social cre, and a certified diploma in community care.

Adesua believes God has blessed us with His grace to keep and nurture a healthy relationship and sound mind, in order to achieve and maintain good relationships with others.

Adesua was born and raised in love and care by her parents, and she believes everyone deserves to be loved and to love others.

She is passionate about families having healthy relationships, dwelling in love, peace and harmony.

This passion has been extended to her friends and family as wellas to the community.

She enjoys spending quality time with her beautiful family, watching movies, cooking and socialising.

Mrs Maria Joseph

Maria is the mother of three wonderful children, and founder of Voice of Albinism UK and the Voice of Albinism initiative in Nigeria.

Maria believes that one has to have a sound mind to have a healthy relationship, and it takes individuals to have sound grace to build a healthy relationship. Two people can always make their relationship work with good communication. Work on forgiveness, humble yourself, stop thinking it’s about you, and don’t make it about yourself.

Attempt to be understanding and listen attentively to each other. Be merciful and remember who you re in the body of Christ.

Mr Pascal Ebosele

Pascal Ebosele is a dedicated and passionate individual who is committed to making a positive impact on the world. He is currently a director and Sound in Grace – Sound Mind (SIGSM), an organisation that he is deeply invested in and passionate about. He is also the loving husband of the organisation’s founder, further demonstrating his strong commitment to the mission and goals of the company.

Pascal is well-educated and possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience. He holds a BA honours degree in Business Management, and a Master’s degree in Information Systems. This has equipped him with the skills and expertise necessary to excel in his role as a director at SIGSM. He is not only a valuable asset to the organisation, but also deeply invested in the well-being of his family and loved ones. He is a devoted husband and a loving father.

Pascal is also a strong advocate for the power of healthy relationships. He believes that by implementing healthy practices and supporting each other in a holistic way, we can establish and maintain positive and fulfilling connections with those around us. As a devoted husband and experienced father, Pascal understands the importance of commitment, respect, effective communication and mutual care in building strong, supportive relationships. He is dedicated sharing his wisdom and experience to assist others in developing and maintaining healthy relationships in their own lives.